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Spend the night in a container

656 days ago

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Ever wondered what it’s like to wake up in a shipping container after a crazy night out? Does the mere thought keep you awake at night and distracted throughout the day. Good news! Your days of obsessive wondering are over. If you help crowdfund Anna and Anika’s Rebel Rebel Container Hostel, you get to find out for yourself.


In May last year, the two rebel entrepreneurs won a pitch competition and turned the green shipping container at the Suikerunie terrain into a hotelroom. They’ve expanded their hotel empire with eight more containers and are hoping to start welcoming the first guests this summer.

So far, they’ve invested €15.000 in making that dream a reality. They still need €35.000 however, so Rebel Rebel Hostel crowdfunding project was launched today on Check it out and make a donation.

Green, BBQ & Beer and glow in the dark Twister

So will you wake up in an empty shipping container somewhere out on the high seas? Far from it. The rooms will have all the amenities of a regular hotel room, powered by green energy. You’ll wake up next to Paradigm, voted the hottest underground club in the Netherlands and Belgium and there’ll be plenty of stuff to do: yoga, breakfast in bed, alternative shops, bbq & beer and glow in the dark Twister.

Check out Rebel Rebel’s project page and start donating.

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655 days ago

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