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Screw Up 2017: celebrate fails

144 days ago

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Epic fails come in all shapes and sizes. Failed projects, taking on way more than you can handle, or even becoming the victim in a game of political backstabbing. Screw Up 2017 is a celebration of failure, so check in on Thursday night July 6 in de Pijp, and learn from both other people’s mistakes as well as your own.

Screw Up wants to get rid of the stigma of making mistakes. Failure is far a better teacher than success, and in fact, is very much a part of becoming successful. During Screw Up 2017, four entrepreneurs will share their mistakes with the audience in a sort of TEDx style fashion. But it’s not just about sitting and listening, because you can also join several workshops where you’ll be challenged to experiment, innovate and fail yourself.  

Fail stories

Imagine being on a well deserved holiday and suddenly finding out your company has run out of money. Tjitte Folkertsma has more than 10 years of experience in consulting and helping companies with their online strategy. He’s is involved in and owns MediaCT and and shares some of the pitfalls he fell into while turning the two companies into a success.

Or what about taking on way more than you can handle and having to deal with the fallout of not being able to juggle all those balls at the same time? Omapost founder Wilbert van de Kamp shares his story about what he learned from wanting to do too much.

Christine van der Vorm saw her lightning career with the government end in crisis, backstabbing and kick down & kiss up management, while running a team of almost 130 people. She’ll share her lessons learned, with the insights she still benefits from to this day.

Tim Laning from Grendal Games will talk about the wrong agreements that led to the failed development of his Xbox Live game and a lot of money lost in the process.

Personal fails

Other than listening to stories of misfortune, you can also learn from your own mistakes, by signing up for one of the 5 workshops. Learn the basics of improvisation from Thomas Mook, check if your website is fail free with Clue Creative or get creative with your fails by trying to stitch something in half an hour with Van Hulley.

You won’t fail on an empty stomach, because there’s a hearty, nourishing soup to comfort you while you pick up the pieces and get back on your feet.

This event will be in Dutch. Tickets are €20,83 and can be ordered through


143 days ago

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