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Let's Gro is looking for your ideas

475 days ago

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Let’s Gro is an annual inspiration and innovation festival, revolving around the future of Groningen. A future we all shape and create together. If you have kickass ideas on what that future should look like, Let’s Gro will give you a podium in November to share it! You can send in your great idea until September 23.


The festival organization is looking for your ideas in the areas of entrepreneurism, innovation, health, health and finance. During the festival this November, the best ideas will be featured and promoted.

Three venues

There are three venues this year for showcasing your ideas about the future of Groningen. A slot on the Let’s Gro talkshow for example, where you get the opportunity to talk about them for 10 minutes.

For initiatives with a clear focus on sustainable future, and where a lot of people are expected to show up, there are five different stages throughout the city. You’ll get your own time slot within the festival programme, somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes.

You can also host your own event at a location of your choice, for example your office building. You’ll get to choose your own date and time (between November 8 and 12) and you’ll have to organize the logistics and facilities yourself. The event will be featured on the festival website, but not the paper timetable.

Sign up before September 23

Can’t wait to share your awesome idea with the rest of the world? Sign up by filling out the online form (in Dutch) and the festival organization will get in touch with you within 7 days, and plan a meetup with you, to see in what form or shape your initiative can be showcased within the Let’s Gro festival programme.

474 days ago

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