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Hacking Health

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From May 20 to May 22, four Dutch University Hospitals will work together to create the biggest hackathon in the Netherlands. During the Dutch Hacking Health, attendees from across the country can help create and build innovative and create solutions to healthcare issues. Besides support for further development of their idea, the winners will get the opportunity to pitch their idea on several stages of Startup Fest Europe. 

The event is an already successful international initiative, with editions in the US, Canada and Australia. This year will be the first Dutch edition, organized by the University Hospitals in Maastricht, Leiden, Nijmegen and Groningen. And it’s not just about bringing programmers and medical professionals together either. Patients, designers, entrepreneurs and students are more than welcome to join.

The reason for this diverse crowd is because all these different groups rarely collaborate in the medical world. Hacking Health wants to change that by bringing technology, design, entrepreneurship, healthcare and patients together and come up with real solutions to healthcare problems, by focussing on human centered medical needs.




During the weekend, participants will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and problems on stage. After that, they’ll form teams consisting of healthcare professionals, patients, programmers, creatives and entrepreneurs to come up with solutions during two and a half days. At the end of the weekend, the different teams give presentations of their results and the winners will be selected by a multidisciplinary panel of experts.

A brand new online tool will also be launched during the meetups, called Sparkboard. This tool helps make large scale community collaboration easier. All ideas and concepts can be found on the Dutch Hacking Health Sparkboard, and during the weekend of May 20 to May 22, teams will be able to collaborate and work with those ideas and concept on a nationwide scale. Sparkboard will also allow you to put together teams and communicate with coaches, other teams and the organizers. All four hospitals will work with Sparkboard and by filtering different cities, you’ll have an overview of all the pitches per city and see which teams are still in need of people.

Join Hacking Health

Want to know more about the hackathon itself, contact co-workers or other attendees, check out the available medical equipment for the hackathon, or just want a sneak peak? Check out the workshops at the Groningen University Hospital on May 11 and May 18, where you’ll learn all about the theme of healthy aging and the art of pitching. Entry for the workshops is completely free. For more and signing up, just check out the Hacking Health website.

583 days ago

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