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HackerOne: Founded in Groningen, kicking ass in San Francisco

658 days ago

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The rest of the world may now know them as one of the hottest startups from San Francisco to watch in 2016, but HackerOne has its roots in Groningen. Co-founders Michiel Prins and Jobert Abma both studied at and started Online24 (HackerOne’s predecessor) in Groningen.

Last year and a half, things really took off for them, raking in a whopping $34 million in investments (25 from New Enterprise Associates and 9 from Benchmark, who also invested in companies like Twitter, Yelp and eBay). Tech giants like Yahoo, Twitter, Adobe, Dropbox and Snapchat also started using the services of the two year old company, that’s now based both in Groningen and Silicon Valley.

Crushing bugs for bounties

So what does HackerOne do exactly? They basically make the internet a safer place, by bringing ethical hackers and companies together. HackerOne is a platform or a marketplace, where companies can hire hackers to find bugs, leaks and other nasty stuff. Tech companies offer hackers bounties, HackerOne collects 20%. So hopefully in the near future, we won’t have awkward incidents like the whole Ashley Madison “I tried cheating on my wife but now my name and credit card info is all over the interwebs and I hope my wife never googles me” kinda thing.

Congrats HackerOne!


657 days ago

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