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Groninginnedag: a reunion for everyone

187 days ago

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A walk down memory lane in the literal sense of the word, meeting friends of old and rediscovering a city you used to call home. Groninginnedag is the national reunion day for anyone with roots in or ties to Groningen. On Saturday June 24, the very first edition of the ultimate reunion will kick off in style, with the option to go camping on the Grote Markt.


There’s no place more central in Groningen than the Grote Markt, and during the Groninginnedag weekend, you’ll be able to camp there in style, in a 2 person tent, with a hearty breakfast, 24 hour security and professional toilet and shower facilities.


The der Aa-kerk will be the center stage of the first jenever (the Dutch version of gin) festival in Groningen, hosted by Hooghoudt, one of Groningen’s most iconic companies, and top bartenders like bartendender of the year 2015 Lennart Deddens. Try a couple of very special jenevers, ranging from the ultimate chaser or ‘headbutt’ to some tasty food pairings on Friday June 24 and Saturday June 24.   

On Friday night, you can also take a seat at the Chef’s Table during the finals of the cook-off competition. Renowned chefs will be challenged to serve up a menu using local and classical Groningen ingredients.


Local Bax Beer craft brewery will organize the first international beer festivals, showcasing  breweries from around the world on the historical Ossenmarkt. Expect a Valhalla of unique craft beers, undiscovered gems and specials by Dutch breweries, live music, as well as a collection of food trucks to make sure you won’t have to drink on an empty stomach.


Local heroes and music acts will be playing throughout the city. Bars and cafés like De 3 Gezusters, Café Soestdijk and de Toeter are currently mobilizing all their former personnel for a nostalgic bar take-over reunion, so expect to see some familiar faces from back in the day when you walk in.

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Groninginnedag is an initiative by the Groninginnedag foundation and supported by the City Council, Provincial Government, Marketing Groningen, NDC , Pop Groningen and KHN Noord Nederland.

186 days ago

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