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Finnish Startup has plans for building a data hotel in Eemshaven

538 days ago

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We’ve already got Google’s big Data Center, and now Finnish startup NxtVn announced last week it is currently in talks with the NOM and Groningen Seaports to build yet another Data Center in the Eemshaven. NxtVN is currently working together with Engie (the new company name for the multinational GDFSuez), and announced plans to start building the center just north of the one Google just built.

Unlike Google, this Data Center is not intended to be used by the company itself. NxtVn, founded in 2014, focuses on data centers that can be used by other companies, very much like a hotel. The Finnish company announced their plans last week, during an industry conference in the south of France, where the NOM was also present.

Multiple centers

Not all companies are able to spend millions on building their own data center or have the necessary expertise to maintain them, so NxtVN is offering those companies that still need to process large amounts of data the use of their centers.

First and foremost, NxtVn is not a data center company. What NxtVn is launching, is a pioneering project that has never existed before: multi-tenant data center parks providing space for data centers to grow and flourish in the presence of other small, medium and large businesses.

The first park has been established in an old military base in Halli, Finland , which NxtVn is using as the blueprint, and then eventually rolling the concept out to the rest of the world. The first park to be built outside of Finland will be located in Eemshaven, very close to Google’s. But it’s not one big center, but a collection of smaller ones.


Eemshaven is a seaport in the province of Groningen north of the city. The port opened in 1973, but industry and shipping were slow to develop at the site, until very recently. Google announced their plans in 2014, investing $773 Million in building a data center.

So what is it that makes the port so attractive? Well, it has a very strategic location, because Eemshaven is the landfall point for a high-speed transatlantic fiber-optic cable which connects the U.S. and Europe. And the port  is also connected with Norway via the longest submarine cable in the world. It sort of functions like a battery, where cheaper power comes to Norway mostly at night through water reservoirs.

537 days ago

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