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Brandreclame had a really successful year

332 days ago

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Groningen based advertising agency Brandreclame is growing rapidly, adding some big brands as clients along the way. Founded as a one man company by Bennie Bus 6 years ago, the agency has grown from 4 graphic designers to a team of 13 in the past year.

Brandreclame is a young and energetic agency employed by some major brands and companies. Originally founded in a small Groningen dorm room, Brand’s first and only client used to be the dream to make it big. In keeping with dorm rooms, that dream didn’t pay the bills. Today, Brand still operates out of Groningen, though the dorm was switched out with a decidedly nicer studio workspace in Groningen’s Euroborg stadium.

As it turns out, that dream finally started pulling its own weight after a while, especially when it started to deliver names like CoolCat, Sapph, Scapino, Ziengs, BNN-VARA, Canei, REPEAT cashmere, ECCO, UNICEF, Marne, and LIFETIMEREAD

Ziengs and Steve Madden

In 2016, the company started growing even faster, adding more big names to their client list, next to the regular clients. Big companies like Remia, Steve Madden, de Hypotheker, Scapino, UGG and SMEG were added, and Brandreclame grew from a team of 4 designers to a whopping 13.

And for this year the agency just won a pitch for Ziengs, a company with over 77 shoe stores throughout the Netherlands. Brandreclame was already doing some work for Ziengs, but with their pitch they’ve gotten a lot more design work and creative responsibility. Starting this month, the agency is in charge of folder concepts, and, besides design tasks, Brandreclame will also be responsible for the creative part.

Brandreclame’s young team of designers will work closely with the marketing department of Ziengs, as well as their regular suppliers, delivering the photography.

The agency already moved to a bigger design studio in the Euroborg last year, but winning the pitch for Ziengs means adding even more people to the team, so they’ve decided to add an extra studio in the building. This way, they’ll be prepared for even bigger growth in the coming year.

331 days ago

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