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Tech Entrepreneurship Community

Unleashing the entrepreneur within you

Oosterstraat 52, Groningen

Anouk Friskes

+31 6 40 66 63 00

The Tech Entrepreneur Community (TEC) is an association of entrepreneurs of all kinds of experience levels, together aiming to boost entrepreneurship and to lead the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. TEC wants talented students to explore their abilities to disrupt markets and commercialize technology. To do so, TEC has developed a world-class action learning programme called the TEC eXperience (TEC-X). Students at TEC-X will be guided and assisted by leading entrepreneurs and mentors, to work on business challenges and to develop their own ideas for a start-up with fellow participants. All people involved are part of a lively and growing community where talent is explored and success is accelerated.

TEC was founded in 2014 by Patrick van Gent, Jurriaan Pröpper and Toon Buddingh, who know eachother from their student days in Delft. Their ambition to boost entrepreneurship in the Netherlands evolved into the TEC-X programme, wich is now organized in four major student cities: Amsterdam, Delft, Enschede and Groningen. In 2016 more than 100 students participated in the programme and can call themselves TEC alumni now.