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Jonge Bedrijven Netwerk Groningen

A platform for venturing entrepreneurs

Postbus 41120

JBN Groningen

The JBN Groningen is a non-profit network club that wants to bring startups and further advanced entrepreneurs (with companies up to 5 years) together in the Groningen region.

Without limitation in terms of age, education or company size, JBN Groningen offers a low-threshold and informal platform for networking, online exposure through a free company profile on the website, workshops, a buddy scheme and company visits. With this, JBN wants to provide and stimulate knowledge transfer, to create a network and to stimulate and facilitate trade-offs without obligations. In addition, through the unique partnerships with the municipality of Groningen, Eemsdelta EZ and Rabobank, JBN acts as an advocate for its members.

We organize a drink every last Wednesday of the month and at least 1x a month a workshop with a theme suitable for entrepreneurship. Standing place for the drink is Bar Pacific Oosterstraat Groningen and permanent workshop workshops is Grand Cafe Time Out Poelestraat Groningen.