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De Noorderlingen (The Northeners)

helping student entrepreneurs grow their business

Kadijk 1, Groningen

Anna Vellinga



At De Noorderlingen (The Northeners) we know that the North of The Netherlands is full of promising young entrepreneurs. But a lot of them are still in college. In our program we help these students grow their business in 5 months. No school hours, boring lectures or endless tests. Just working your ass of to make your own business grow. How do we do it? With coaching, workshops, networking events and a big business partner network, that is willing to brainstorm about ideas anytime! (Ok maybe not 'anytime')

Our students are enthusiastic, they are not afraid to fail, they are persistant and proud of what they do. We have a passion for helping young entrepreneurs. We help young innovative businesses grow. We are The Northeners.