Sustainable Buildings

Making Buildings Smart and Energy Sustainable

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What happens when computer nerds decide that it’s time to stop “playing” and maybe trying to save the world?

Challenging problems require extraordinary solutions. And only if you are an outsider, a misfit, a rebel, you can dare to propose solutions.

This is what two PhDs from the Distributed Systems research group of the University of Groningen set out to do with Sustainable Buildings.

Take automation, sensors, and the internet of things, put them into a building, and watch that building stop wasting energy.

And do you know what happens when energy stop wasting energy?

Well, for one, they can save money.

Secondly, and not less important, that building is reducing its CO2 footprint. In your face, global-warming.

Sustainable Buildings is a start-up from the University of Groningen that combines the latest cutting-edge technology in the field of computer science and uses them to make buildings more sustainable to the point that they can become energy neutral. This means that thanks to this technology, the Restaurant at Bernoulliborg building was able to save up to 85% on the lighting expenses. This was achieved through a smart system that would switch the lights on and off only based on the accurate presence of people in the room. A video is better than a thousand words, so here it is:

The Gementee Groningen, impressed by these results, decided to try themselves the Sustainable Buildings system and the results were not shy from outstanding: potential saving of 40% on heating costs. If this system would be installed in buildings like these, we are talking about very significant savings of per year!

Besides knowing building energy consumption at any moment, the Sustainable Buildings system can even monitor what is happening in real-time in each room of a building.

Why is that important?

With this system, the energy manager can be notified in real-time when problems occur, can check whether a window is left open in the middle of the winter, or be notified when lights are on when the building is empty. And then, just from the comfort of his smartphone, he can decide to take actions. Like turning off those lights, while being at home and not having to drive to the building.

Who said computer nerds aren’t cool?

You can check our interview with RTL7 in the video below.