Sustainable Buildings

Making buildings energy sustainable

Gedempte zuiderdiep, Groningen
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SustainableBuildings, a brand new startup and spinoff of the University of Groningen, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to further develop their cloud based software.

The Sustainable Buildings initiative’s main goal is to make office buildings more energy efficient and therefore sustainable. To do that, they provide a cloud-based software solution relying on advanced sensing technology. Their first prototypes are already working in the Bernouilliborg building at the Zernike campus, where energy consumption is reduced by controlling the lighting, PCs and other appliances.

Moreover, they provide advanced monitoring and displaying solution that helps facility managers with energy optimization, as well as helping building users to become aware of their energy consumption, get more personalization in their working environment, and contribute to energy saving because of that.

As Faris Nizamic, one of the two founders explains on the campaign page: “A lot of people asked us if they will have more time to invest, and since according to our financial projections we need more funding in total, we decided to give everyone another opportunity to join via this campaign.” In exchange, the company offers 3% equity for people deciding to invest and help reach SustainableBuildings reach their new goal.

University spinoff

Office buildings on average make up for 40% of energy consumption in Europe alone. Founders and postdoctoral candidates Faris Nizamic and TuanAnh Nguyen got the idea for their software system by looking at the energy consumption of their own university office building.

The two developed a cloud based system that monitors appliances and amenities using a high percentage of energy, and shows the results and total consumption on smartphones and tablets. Essentially, just by raising that kind of awareness and easy management, energy consumption can be lowered by as much as 15% to 35%. Considering the total amount of consumption in Europa alone, that is is significant improvement.