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VR to the max

Gedempte zuiderdiep, Groningen

They work with the biggest and boldest agencies and renowned brands throughout the world. To VIEMR, VR is far more than just a gimmick. The company specializes in Virtual and Augmented Reality productions, campaigns and tailor made apps, for companies like Red Bull and Audi, ranging from 360 degrees rally races and extreme sports, to VR safety training and virtual therapy.

 VIEMR was founded in January 2014, by Fabian Debats and and Stefan Vogelzang. “We were already working together”, Stefan explains. “We also had a lot of experience shooting 360 degrees videos, and we already knew all the right people. So we thought, why not start our own company?”

Within a year, VIEMR was already working with big brands around the world. “Of course we already knew some people, and we were working with a new technology that only a few people in the world can offer. That gave us a head start and it’s a lot easier to get your foot in the door”, Fabian says. “But before we officially launched our company, we worked very hard to get everything in order, like the website and our own app. For our portfolio, we went to Austria, to film the Red Bull Northern Alps Collective and shoot some really awesome footage.”