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Business telephony in the cloud

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Telecom market upside down

Our goals is to simply make sure companies can call and be called. This is essentially what we do, but we do this in the most unique way. Our ambition? Radically improving the telecom market. By offering a VoIP service for businesses 

The entire Voys team works by this vision and pursues these three core values: Open, Personal and Supportive. Voys wants its customers to be delighted with their telephony and the freedom to work anywhere at any time. This is the reason our online service is called Freedom.


The service Voys delivers especially suits companies with one to twenty employees. Voys delivers both the telephonenumber and their hardware as the online management environment, which enables you to setup everything. The people at Voys treat their customers the way they would want to be treated themselves, this does not solely apply to customer interactions but also internally. Voys does not use a traditional hierarchy, there are no managers and functions within Voys, as people working at Voys are very capable of taking responsibility. As Voys wants people to enjoy themselves, which is not possible with a manager constantly breathing down an employee's neck.


We’ve named this organizational model the Voys Model, and it is working incredible. Our employees love to work here, and the customer notices this. Voys therefore receives an average rating of 8.9/10.



Furthermore, Voys has received a large number of awards. The awards we are receiving vary in nature, for example we’ve been  awarded for our organizational model, but also for the enormous growth we’re experiencing.