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Devhouse Spindle

A collective of geniuses, a shack full of nerds

Gedempte zuiderdiep, Groningen
+31 50 800 9000

What started out with one man crazy enough to think that calling over the internet would have a future, is now an ever-growing company of 35 super nerds who change industries by making business communication more efficient and personal.

Spindle is a collective of geniuses, basically a shack full of nerds. We split our time between beating each others highscores and building trailblazing technology. What drives us is the need to constantly explore unbarren fields. We believe that freedom brings forth the best in us and sparks creativity and innovation.

The love of code is what makes us stay up late and rise early. Code is a means to create something out of nothing: pure magic. We can’t get enough of it.