Meeting simplicate


Unified CRM, Project Management and Invoicing

Gedempte zuiderdiep, Groningen

Simple and smart software that seamlessly works with the way you run your business. Customer contact, project management, billing and hours, it doesn’t have to be boring or overly complicated. In fact, it should be be the exact opposite of complicated. That’s the philosophy founders Peter Hager and Gerard Loode were going for when they came up with their software.  

“With a lot of software, it’s like buying a car and then having to build everything yourself”, Gerard explains. “So we thought, let’s just offer companies a great and affordable car that’s ready to go the moment they buy it.”   

Humble beginnings

Gerard and Peter were working with a consultancy firm before founding Simplicate. “I got the idea when I noticed all these companies really struggled with finding good software. You’d be surprised how many of them were manually adding data in Excel for something like client contact, and then having to do exactly the same thing over and over again every step of the way, all the way up to invoicing”, Peter explains. “That’s so much extra work and a lot of data getting lost in the process.”

They started Simplicate as a side project in 2013. “Really nothing romantic or intriguing about our story”, Peter laughs. “We just worked everything out in our spare time and decided to work on it fulltime about a year ago.”